Treating Hot Spots with CBD Oil

For many parts of the country, this summer has felt like one massive heatwave. What we typically refer to as the dog days of summer – the most hot and humid part of the season – seems to be more like the dog months of summer this year. Speaking of our canine friends, this is precisely the type of weather that has pooch parents on high alert for signs that their pet has “acute moist dermatitis”, or as they are more commonly known, “hot spots”. Thankfully, CBD has shown early promise for the potential to help Spot with his hot spots, with anti-inflammation and skin recovery benefits similar to those hypothesized in humans.

A hot spot is a skin lesion that has become inflamed and irritated from the dog’s attempts to alleviate the itch. The initial itch is often the result of allergies – both food and environmental – or bites from ticks and fleas. While we know that scratching and licking are normal parts of dog grooming, excessive itching or gnawing at a specific point may indicate a hot spot. It will appear red and wet, and can become unpleasant smelling and infected if left untreated. No fun for anyone involved. So, what to do?

The good news is that treating the affected area with proper care and attention can help reduce the itchiness and discomfort that dogs experience. An effective care routine starts with trimming the air around the hot spot and cleaning the wound with a gentle antibacterial soap. Once complete, consider introducing CBD Oil into your pet’s diet to help with the healing process 

A 2009 research paper found that activating CB1 and CB2 receptors in the skin can help with the proliferation of new cells, and assist in maintaining overall skin health. In 2012, research out of Italy found that dog skin has a high concentration of these receptors, making CBD a strong candidate for helping dogs fight the inflammation that is often at the root of skin conditions such as hot spots. And in 2018, additional research confirmed CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect, and found the cannabinoid to be a a safe and well-tolerated treatment for dogs.

If you are interested in trying CBD to help speed your dog’s recovery, GoCBD has you covered. Our GoCBD Pet CBD Tincture contains 500 mg of CBD and is compounded to support the well-being of your pet’s health. Importantly, it’s chicken-flavored, so you’ll be giving them a taste that they love! As with all of our products, our pet formulated tincture features high quality CBD extracted from locally grown, organic hemp.

Disclaimer: Do not use this information to diagnose or treat any pet health issues without first consulting your veterinarian.