October is National CBD Pet Month

CBD has been a powerful compound to help us on our journey to wellness.  Our pets are family and during National CBD Pet Month, it is the best time to treat them to the benefits that CBD can add to their lives.

All mammals have an endocanabinoid system which is essential to regulating lots of activity at the cellular level and maintaining balance in the body.  Naturally produced endocannabinoids in our system activate receptors and are synthesized fast so it isn’t uncommon to run low in our bodies, creating issues.  External cannabinoids like CBD are successful in mimicking natural ones and help the body maintain balance.  CBD can help humans as well as dogs and cats with anxiety, loss of appetite, inflammation reduction, better sleep and pain reduction.  

How can CBD Oil for pets 500 mg help?  One way is with anxiety, both situational and behavioral types.  Anyone who lives with pets knows that there are lots of stressors that can upset dogs and cats.  Traveling, the doorbell ringing, thunderstorms, fireworks and even a delivery professional leaving a package on the doorstep can evoke terror in your furry crew. If you’re going back to the office after working from home for an extended time, CBD Oil can help with separation anxiety. CBD Oil can help humans with anxiety disorders, PTSD, public speaking and more so imagine the relief it can bring to your cats and dogs.  Chicken flavored CBD Oil for dogs is a popular option that has been a game changer for families and their pets.

CBD is being considered as a treatment for the relief of chronic pain, thanks to the abundance of anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.  To go even deeper, CBD is being associated with treating nerve-related pain by lessening the pain signals coming from the affected cells and taking down inflammation in the area.  The same logic goes for pets as it does for humans with positive results.  If you have a pet struggling with chronic pain, try CBD Oil for pets 500 mg and it may be extremely helpful in giving him or her a better quality of life.

Treatment of auto-immune diseases is another way that the life of your pet can be improved through CBD oil.  CBD decreases inflammation by limiting the production of inflammatory cytokines, which are responsible for causing allergies, hypersensitivity and autoimmunity.  CBD can even be more powerful of an antioxidant than the potent vitamins C and E, which can help a pet who has been injured to heal faster. Try chicken flavored CBD Oil for dogs for a taste they’ll love and results you will be amazed by.


GoCBD’s CBD Oil for pets is compounded to support the well-being of your pet’s health.  Dosing is simple. Just add a few drops of our Pet Tincture to their water, food or treats, with dosage based on their weight.  Pets love our chicken-flavored pet tincture. Right now, buy a 500mg CBD Pet Tincture and receive a 500mg Tincture for yourself absolutely free!