How to Start Your Own CBD Brand

With an increasing percentage of the population and more diverse demographic groups discovering that cannabidiol (CBD) may help alleviate pain and anxiety, there is more demand for high quality wellness products derived from premium hemp than ever before: expected US sales of CBD products will reach $1.8B in 2022, up from just $500M in 2018 ( If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision for the future of this rapidly growing industry, or an established brand looking to complement your existing offerings with an innovative addition, now might be the time to consider introducing your own branded CBD offering to the market.

For those looking to save the time, energy and money associated with producing the product itself, private labelling can be the best path forward. Private labeling is the practice of buying a product originally produced by another company, and then re-selling it with your own logo and branding. It is easier, more efficient and affordable compared to producing CBD products from scratch, and with Associated Brands, you get a partner at every step of the way. Our private label program was created by serial entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and we offer a variety of wholesale services to clients around
the country in different industries who are looking to add reliable, high-quality CBD products to their offerings.

First things first – if you are interested in exploring what creating your own CBD brand looks like, consider the following:

Identify Your Target Market:
Given the wide range of potential wellness benefits and therapeutic uses that CBD may serve, there is no single ‘profile’ of a CBD buyer. Different customers want different things from their CBD experience, and as a result, the most successful brands in the space have been skilled in tailoring their products to a
particular segment of the CBD market.

Develop a Brand Identity that Resonates
At Associated Brands, we know how to produce, promote and distribute high quality CBD products, but only you know your customer. Let that inform your branding and approach to communicating your value proposition to this demographic. There are no shortage of brands competing for consumer attention, so differentiate yours with a carefully crafted message that resonates with them.

Think about how your brand’s story and positioning within the broader market, and cross reference that with the mindset and priorities of your target market, and you’ll get a clearer sense of what brand identity will meaningfully engage your customer.

Establish and Enhance Your Web Presence
One of the most effective means of spreading the word regarding your new line of CBD products is through an established profile online and a social media presence. Utilizing your existing network of contacts and identifying adjacent population segments, work to grow your brand recognition with materials and messages that stand out.

Deliver Steady Drum Beat of Promotion and Engagement
To stand out in the crowd and create long lasting engagement with your target demographic, you need to establish a steady drum beat of communication with your customers. Provide them with dynamic content that helps to create a sense of community and demonstrates that you’re listening to their feedback, and you’ll be well positioned to earn their trust and loyalty.

If you want to make your branded CBD dreams a reality, it can help to have the power of Associated Brands’ private label solutions in your corner. Through our extensive network of farms, manufacturers, and suppliers, we can source, produce, market, and distribute any CBD product of interest, making us your one-stop-shop for launching a CBD brand. We have created, designed and distributed several brands across multiple industries – let us help bring your brand to life!

To get started, click here to order an unbranded sample kit and discover the Associated Brands difference.