How CBD Oil for Pets Can Help Your Anxious Fur Baby

From giving us constant love to helping us get through our bad days, our pets do so much to relieve our anxieties. And now, you have the ability to help your dog or cat relieve their anxieties safely and naturally with CBD oil for pets.  

Cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems just like humans do, so they can benefit from CBD in much the same ways. Whether you adopted a quarantine puppy that’s learning to deal with separation anxiety for the first time, or a cat that’s getting older and more easily spooked, our unique, all-natural CBD formula will help your pets keep their cool and feel their best.



Our unique formula, containing 500mg of CBD per 30ml bottle (approximately 16.7mg of CBD per serving), is compounded to support the well-being of your pet’s health. Just add a few drops of GoCBD chicken-flavored CBD oil for pets to their food, water or favorite treats to support your pet’s health.

CBD tincture for pets can be used as a supplement for optimal health or it can help in a variety of lifestyle changes:

  1. Keep them calm during stressful situations.

If you have a pup who tends to cower under the bed during fireworks shows or shy away from meeting new people, CBD can help them remain cool and comfortable. Much like humans, our pets experience anxiety, stress, and even phobias, and CBD has been shown to both ease these symptoms and help avoid them entirely.

  1. Ease pain and mobility issues.

As our pets age, they can begin to experience joint pain and arthritis. CBD is known for being a natural, but powerful, pain killer. If your pet is having trouble moving the way they used to, incorporating CBD into their diet can help get them back into the dog park sooner and playing again.

In fact, one 2018 study sought to assess safety, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-pain properties of a CBD oil in dogs with osteoarthritis, and 80% of the dogs showed improvement in their pain and mobility, as measured by two veterinary resources — the canine brief pain inventory and the Hudson activity scale.

  1. Improve digestion and relieve inflammation.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help your pet feel their best from the moment they wake you up in the morning. Known to help with bloating, suppress nausea, and stimulate appetite, mixing CBD drops into your pet’s food can help them get through a meal easier and improve their digestion, ensuring that they’re getting enough nutrients throughout the day to feel their best.

  1. Prevent dander and dry skin.

CBD oil for pets has been known to soothe the skin, helping your pet break out of the vicious cycle of licking or scratching itchy skin and allowing it to heal. The endocannabinoid system is positively stimulated by CBD to regulate the health of the skin, so incorporating CBD into your pet’s diet on an ongoing basis can help prevent dry skin and associated skin conditions in the first place.

It’s important to note that every pet will respond to CBD differently, which is why we recommend starting with a small dose, monitoring your pet’s results, and adjusting from there. In any case, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian about whether CBD would be a helpful option for your pet.