Can CBD Help Veterans with Anxiety & PTSD?

As we spend Memorial Day Weekend remembering those who gave their lives in military service, we may be reminded that some veterans continue to suffer from the effects of war.

Approximately 20% of veterans are afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When left unaddressed, as is common, PTSD can prevent veterans from adjusting to civilian life and even cause drug addiction and suicide. In 2017, Veterans Association (VA) reported that veteran deaths by suicide was at an average of twenty per day.

While various modalities of therapy have been found to be the most effective in treating PTSD and the anxiety caused by it, cannabidoil (CBD) has been researched as an effective supplement for managing its symptoms.

As per, “A medical paper from 2015 titled ‘Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders’ studied the possibility of CBD assisting with erratic and unstable moments of PTSD. The study recorded that “in a sub chronic study, CBD administered daily 1 hour after predator stress (a proposed model of PTSD) reduced the long-lasting anxiogenic effects of chronic predator stress, partially via 5-HT1AR activation.” In an additional study of chronic anxiety, systemic CBD “prevented increased anxiety produced by chronic unpredictable stress, in addition to increasing hippocampal AEA.’”

Broad spectrum CBD, which goes through an additional process to remove traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can be a good place to start. Whether you are a veteran challenged with PTSD or are simply looking to better manage situational anxiety, it’s important to remember the following:

  • and work up from there. A good starting dose is determined by various factors, including your goals and weight. Monitor the effects CBD has on you over a 24-hour period and increase dose if needed or recommended by a physician. 
  • Consult a Physician. If you are being seen regularly by a physician for any affliction and/or are on medication, it is important to let your doctor know any supplements you are considering taking.


There are various ways to experience CBD, including:

  • CBD Pre-Rolled Joints: The fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream, pre-rolled CBD joints are a convenient way to get the relief you need, when you need it.
  • CBD Flower: Some find the process of rolling their own joints meditative as it engages their mind and hands, adding to the overall relief from anxiety.
  • CBD Oil: Also known as CBD tincture, it can be applied to skin, taken below the tongue or added to drinks like coffee or tea. Because CBD oil can be ingested, it’s important that you choose a brand that uses clean, pure ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the better. You can choose from a variety of CBD content - 500 MG for 30 ml can be a good place to start for most. Consult a physician first if you are under care or medication.
  • CBD Cream: Anxiety and PTSD can cause physical symptoms, including pain. This is especially prevalent in veterans who were injured in battle. Topical application of CBD cream can provide relief in as few as 20 minutes.


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