Best Black Friday Deals on CBD Products 2021

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is probably high on your priority list right now.  CBD is so popular and with a wide array of beneficial products available on the market, the possibilities for gift options are endless. We’ve found the best Black Friday deals on CBD products so you can shop til you drop and restock your own supply with these sweet offers while you’re at it.



For the athlete in your life:  if your brother is a marathon runner, your best friend never misses a spin class or you’re searching for something to give your favorite yoga instructor,  Citizen Hemp Premium CBD Freeze Gel Broad Spectrum is the best CBD cream for pain relief, a gift that provides fast relief for tired, sore muscles.  How?  CBD or cannabidiol, is one of hundreds of compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant, a cousin of the cannabis plant.  The wellness perks of CBD happen because it works with the body’s own endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of regulating the anti-inflammatory response, appetite, immune system, mood, sleep and more.  Better than an ice pack and without the pungent smell of some drugstore topical creams, this CBD Freeze Gel is THC-free and will never produce a high for the person using it.  Athletes swear by its effectiveness as the best CBD cream for pain relief.

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For the Zen Master with a Sweet Tooth:  Who isn’t looking for some stress relief these days?  With GoGummies from GoCBD, giving someone the gift of relaxation can be so delicious! The best CBD gummies, these are produced with Broad Spectrum CBD and provide all the benefits of CBD but none of the psychoactive effects of THC so there’s never the sensation of being high. GoGummies are the perfect way to achieve on the go stress reduction, anxiety relief and even help with getting a better night’s sleep.  The best CBD gummies are free of additives, chemicals and toxins and are made of locally sourced ingredients from the United States. 

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For the Skincare Guru: The best CBD face serum makes an ideal gift for anyone on your list who takes skincare seriously.  MOOD Skincare’s ELEVATE Vitamin C Face Serum does a brilliant job of uplifting both a person’s mood and skin.    This best CBD face serum nourishes skin and will put a smile on their face by boosting collagen, reducing the signs of aging like fine lines and detoxes by neutralizing free radicals.   By locking in hydration to keep skin plump, there is a noticeable, youthful appearance in the complexion.  So pick some up as gifts and treat yourself to the best CBD face serum. It will be our secret!

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With the best Black Friday deals on CBD products, you’ll be the gift giving guru of your friends and loved ones.  Grab some CBD products for yourself while you’re at it!