All Treats, No Tricks: How to Use CBD Safely

Trick or treat yourself to some CBD goodies this Halloween!  You’ve heard of CBD oil, CBD hemp flowers and CBD joints but do you know how to use them properly? We’ve put together this scary good guide to make sure that you’re getting the proper benefits of your favorite CBD products.

CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is a psychoactive cannabinoid which causes the sensation of getting high.  So CBD is for you if you’re looking for relief from pain and anxiety or to gain a sense of relaxation but you don’t want the mind-altering effects. 

You can consume CBD in a number of ways, the fastest to inhale it or place it under your tongue (sub-lingually) but ingesting it or applying it topically is also beneficial.  The most important part of CBD is the quality of the product.  Always look for CBD items that are made of broad-spectrum oil so you will enjoy the full scope of benefits to your health.  Broad-spectrum contains CBD but not THC.  They are less processed, which is perfect to retain some of the plant’s organic compounds including terpenes, which have a direct impact on the smell and taste of the product.  Always purchase products that are made from organic, U.S.-grown cannabis, which is subject to agricultural regulations and often contain less chemicals and pesticides.  Since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, make sure that you’re purchasing CBD products lab-tested by a third party. 

Let’s break it down by product:

How to take CBD oil:  This depends on the strength of the CBD oil or tincture.  Start low. Place a few to five drops under your tongue where there are lots of capillaries so the CBD will reach your bloodstream fast.  Keep it there for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing, repeating up to three times each day.  But if you want to get creative, you can put drops of CBD oil in your morning coffee, into a smoothie or salad dressing or in your baked goods.  You can also use a vape pen to use CBD oil, as there is little smoke produced and it enters the bloodstream quickly when inhaled.

How to use a CBD hemp flower:  CBD flower is generally smoked or vaped but there are lots of options with this versatile CBD product.  You can smoke CBD buds like you would any other form of cannabis.  A benefit of the CBD flower is how quickly it activates since inhaling the hemp flower lets the CBD to enter your bloodstream rapidly and the effect go from the blood vessels in your lungs right to your brain, allowing you to achieve the effects within 30 seconds. Raw CBD flowers are not tasty to eat but if you activate them by heating them up, especially with coconut oil, you’re in for a treat.

How to use a CBD joint:  There are lots of ways to get the healing properties of CBD and one of the fastest ways to enjoy the benefits is by smoking a CBD joint.  The terpenes involved give each organically grown hemp flower strain a different taste, so experiment with different varieties to find the one that you like best.

Don’t be a scaredy cat.  Enjoy CBD products and have a bootiful Halloween!

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