3 Ways CBD Can Help Relieve Holiday Stress

The holiday season tends to creep up on us – starting with Halloween weekend and quickly snowballing into Thanksgiving dinners with the in-laws and hectic travel plans through the New Year. In 2020, this holiday season feels especially tense, as we all navigate how to fit our loved ones around the dinner table without sacrificing safety during Covid-19. And while many of us are looking forward to some welcome down time after an unparalleled year, the holidays can also be a not-so-subtle reminder that experiences like anxiety and chronic pain don’t take a vacation.

This is where CBD comes in – a safe, non-psychoactive, and effective treatment for the holiday woes. One that will keep you alert but relaxed, and is so easy to incorporate into your routine without invoking any unwanted questions from the relatives. Here are three ways that CBD can help you deal with the holiday stress:

  1. Stay cool, calm and collected.

Studies have shown that CBD can work together with your body’s own endocannabinoid system to enhance the wonderful benefits your system already provides and help you feel your best. By boosting signaling through serotonin receptors, CBD can improve your mood and overall sense of ease, regulate your appetite, boost your immune system, and more.

With GoCBD’s broad-spectrum tincture, you can adjust your dose precisely and reap those magical CBD benefits within 10-40 minutes of consumption. We recommend using our tincture sublingually (under the tongue) for quickest absorption – but it pairs very well with hot cocoa, too! It is a great way to safely and naturally relieve stress through the holidays and on the daily.

  1. Quickly bounce back from travel.

Whether you’ve decided to fly or drive to see your loved ones this year, traveling during Covid-19 can come with a new set of hiccups. Maybe you’re attempting to get ahead of the dreaded airport lines, or maybe you’re not yet comfortable hopping on a flight and are opting for a lengthy family road trip instead. Either way, travel during the holidays can create the perfect storm for stiff muscles, tension headaches, and inflammation.

GoCBD’s CBD cream is our secret weapon for bouncing back from dreaded travel soreness. Rub a small amount into your temples, at the base of your neck, and around any stiff joints or muscles for instant relief with a cooling sensation.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.

While getting good sleep can be a year-round struggle, the stress associated with the holidays can make it even harder to get the recommended eight hours of shut-eye. CBD provides support to your body’s endocannabinoid system, which can lead to better functioning overall – including the quality and duration of your sleep when you’re ready to call it a day.

We recommend pairing GoCBD tincture with a hot cup of your favorite tea, or trying out one of GoCBD’s organic hemp flower pre-rolls as you wind down for bed. With our pre-rolls, we’ve eliminated the hassle of rolling your own CBD flower to fast track your way to comfort and some much needed R&R.

Relieving holiday stress naturally is possible with premium CBD products such as the ones offered by GoCBD. If this is your first holiday season using CBD products, start slowly with 1,000 mg tincture to understand the effect it has on your body. Remember, every body is different!